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Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop



Taste the sweeter side of the Revolution! Visitors will be able to touch, taste, smell, and experience 18th-century chocolate as it was enjoyed by some of Boston’s most famous Revolutionary-era patriots. Our costumed interpreters discuss the way colonial Americans prepared and consumed chocolate. Discover where chocolate comes from and how it is made.  And after you have learned all there is to know about chocolate, you get a free taste of the delicious drink enjoyed by John and Abigail Adams.


Film produced by Lauren Ciuba

This new shop, the only of its kind in New England, explores the history of chocolate, including how it was produced and consumed during the American colonial period, and its connections to Boston and the Old North Church. Daily demonstrations explore how the chocolate was made and consumed by some of Boston’s most famous Revolutionary-era patriots as well as Captain Newark Jackson for whom the shop is named.

The shop is located in the same building as the Printing Offices of Edes and Gill, the Clough House, at 21 Unity Street, Boston.

Don’t miss this exciting and unique experience!

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