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Lantern Ceremony 2014

Thank You to Our Guests & Sponsors for Another Fantastic Lantern Ceremony Celebration! 

The 239th Annual Lantern Ceremony was held on Sunday April 20th at 8:00pm at the Old North Church, in Boston’s historic North End neighborhood.

This event memorializes the night of April 18, 1775, when two lanterns were hung from the steeple of the Old North Church, launching what would become the American Revolutionary War. Every year since 1875, on the eve of Patriots’ Day, the Old North Foundation commemorates the hanging of the lanterns by inviting guests to join a prominent member of the community at the Lantern Ceremony. This year, we honored the survivors of last year’s marathon tragedy and the first responders who courageously came to their aid. The honorary lantern carriers for the 239th Annual Lantern Ceremony were North End resident Roseann Sdoia, Boston Police Officer Shana Cottone, Boston Firefighter Michael Materia, North Eastern University student Shores Salter, and Ms. Sdoia’s mother Rosemarie Buckley. When Ms. Sdoia sustained grievous injuries at last year’s marathon, it was officer Cottone, firefighter Materia, Mr. Salter, and Ms. Buckley who responded immediately and saved her life.

At the culmination of this year’s event, Senator Edward J. Markey gave a moving keynote speech before lighting the ceremonial lanterns with Old North Vicar Stephen T. Ayres. Together, Senator Markey and Rev. Ayres presented the lanterns to the honorees who carried them from the church to the steeple in an reenactment of the original 1775 alarm that alerted the countryside to the movement of the British regulars toward Lexington and Concord.

The annual Lantern Ceremony is the Old North Foundation’s premier annual event. The Old North Foundation is the secular, nonprofit organization dedicated to the operation, restoration and preservation of the Old North Church historic site. The foundation relies on the generosity of donors and the proceeds from special events so that we may continue to offer engaging historical tours and educational programs.

Thanks to the contributions of our guests and the incredible generosity of our sponsors, we were able to raise a net amount of $$56,524.58!

Lantern Lighter

Tauck Romano Innovative Philanthropy

Steeple Climber

Anne & Roger Berman

Jay Cashman

Citizens Bank

Arthur Coviello

Catherine & Robert Matthews

Pew Owner

Stephen & Lisa Ayres

Robert Beal

Bigelow Family

Jonathan Chu on behalf of the History Department of the University of Massachusetts-Boston

Christine Clements

Hon. Lawrence S. DiCara & Dr. Teresa Spillane

Susan & Charles Eddy

Howard & Lorna Elkus

Sherwood Haskins & Andrea Mattisen-Haskins

Christopher MacKenzie

Lisa Massena Lambert & Thomas Lambert

Katherine & Ed Pendergast

Lee Pendergast-Claro

John Sasso

Tauck Tours

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